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2016: Human 1.0

2007: Forward in Reverse

1999: The Whole Scene Going

2001: Living High

1997: On The Outside

1994: Flowers On Your Pillow

l< Boukabou's 1st band 'All Rights Reserved' - 1990 - photo taken live show @ Asquith Boys High School

vocals: Jamel Boukabou

guitar: Greg Tweedie

guitar: David Milne

bass: Nic Rogencamp

drums: Wayne Crook

style: prp rock covers / originals

below: track 4,  'My Superficial Friend' from Human 1.0

below: 'Taking a Train' track 2 from LP 'On The Outside'm Human 1.0

below: track 4, 'Ride it' from Forward in Reverse

2020: Seven

1992 - Entire

vocals/guitar: Jamel Boukabou guitar: Mark Bowring

guitar: Greg Tweedie

bass: Matt Dean

drums: Dan Terryls/ 1

1991 - Tonker

vocals: Jamel Boukabou

guitar: Adam Stevens

bass: Dave Murray

drums: Steve Babulj

below: 'How Can I'