Jamel Boukabou (actor) - showreel and bio below.  To hire use contact form page or p +61-466-984-938 


PROJECT                     TYPE                   ROLE

A Day with Sofia       Short Film       Jack Travern

All Saints                      T.V                      Doctor

Behind Mansion Walls  T.V                      Borys

Blind Ambition             Film                     Reporter

Cody                            T.V                      Night Clubber

Cold Feet                     T.V                      Party Guest

Covid 19 - WW3           You Tube            Admiral Buckstein

Deadly Women             T.V                      Paul Solomon

Farscape                      T.V Series           Ambassador

Future Tense               U.S Pilot              Cop

Haneen                        Short Film           Hazem

Home & Away              T.V                      Carwash Driver

Home and Away           T.V                      Removalist

Jag                               T.V Series           Journalist

Kangaroo Jack              Film                     F.B.I Agent

Kissing Kismet              Short Film           Nightclub Owner

Liquid Bridges              Film                     Prisoner

Look Back in Anger      Theatre *            Jimmy (lead role)

Matrix Re-Loaded        Film                     Citizen of Zion

Mission Impossible 2    Film                     Race Guest

Out of the Blue            T.V                      Removalist

Removalist                   T.V                      Out of the Blue

Rescue Special Ops      T.V                      Detective McTegg

Scorched                      Telemovie           Fireman

Single White Rose        Short Film           Ben (lead role)

Star Wars - Episode 2   Film                     Tuscan Guard     

Till Death do us Part    Short Film           Husband             

Train Driver                  Short Film           Why Do People Catch Trains

Water Rats                   T.V Series           Police Frogman

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